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The Nursery

Let’s face it, as parents choosing a childcare provider to look after your child is such a difficult and emotional decision and goes way beyond simply picking the most convenient.  At Little Wild Tribe, we understand that it’s not easy to leave your child and we work hard to reassure parents to feel confident and comforted by our high quality practice and nurturing approach to each and every child. There is perhaps no relationship that holds greater responsibility or reward than the relationships we develop with children. We recognise that families know their children in ways that no one else can.  We work hard to nurture the child’s sense of belonging to family and community through respectful and reciprocal relationships, where we as educators recognise the value of family connections and contributions in understanding how each child makes meaning of the world. We all know that the stronger our partnerships and the deeper and more valuable our connections, the greater the benefit. It’s an investment that allows us all to grow.

We offer a high adult to child ratio – much higher than standard – which enables significantly closer individual attention and high quality child-led practice as well as of course mitigating any potential health and safety concerns. This goes some way to providing general peace of mind as well as ensuring that all service is delivered with minimised risk and outstanding benefits.

Little Wild Tribe is open Monday to Friday across the calendar year for working parents (51 weeks) but we do also offer term time only options.  Our standard day is 8am-6pm or shorter ‘school’ days are also available.

As an Ofsted registered childcare provider, we care for children from birth to compulsory school starting age at 5 and offer flexible provision to accommodate parental needs; this includes funding places for 2 year olds as well as the government subsidised 15/30 hours provision.  For full details of session times, fees and current availability, please contact us

At Little Wild Tribe, we are committed to ensuring the best individuals work with us and therefore have a robust system of high quality recruitment.  As teachers ourselves, we recognise that high quality, qualified staff who undertake regular effective professional development are vital to to provide a high quality education and care. Passionate advocates of play in the natural world, our practitioners are also members of the Forest School Association and as such follow the FSA good practice principles. We are committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of all children. All policies are available to view at anytime. Upon registration, parents are sent a Welcome Pack which contains all key policies and information.

This isn’t your typical daycare nursery. It’s a safe and wild space for learning, exploration and discovery… for adventures, big or small!  Join us on the wild side… you won’t be able to stop yourself!