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Join Our Tribe

Your vibe attracts your tribe – and at Little Wild Tribe, we are determined to attract the very best of staff. Because we believe that children deserve excited, enthusiastic and passionate adults. They need grown-ups who are ready to explore and laugh with them all day; nurturing souls who are looking to build upon those magical moments of learning.

We seek skilled staff from a range of backgrounds – teachers, graduates, artists, gardeners, grandmothers… who can each bring something different to our tribe, because it really does take a village to raise a child!

We truly believe that there are few more important jobs than caring for, and educating our youngest children. If you’re a qualified practitioner who shares our vision and values, and working with us sounds like a TREE-mendous opportunity to you, please download a candidate information pack below alongside the application form.

Mini Tribe (Baby Team) Practitioner – Candidate Information Pack
Baby Team Practitioner Candidate Information Pack.pdf

Woodland Tribe (Forest Educator) – Candidate Information Pack
Candidate Information Pack – Forest Educator.pdf

Download the application form here:
Little Wild Tribe – Application form

For each role, we require forward thinking, hard working and passionate like-minded individuals to join our tribe. You will role model outstanding practice, promote our values and think outside the box. Salary for each role is dependent on qualification and experience.

Little Wild Tribe is a small nursery with BIG ideas. We have an exciting future and this recruitment window represents a great opportunity. If you share in our vision and values, we’d love to hear from you!