Wild Weekends

School is back… back again! With lessons, homework and everything in between, finding time to get the children outside can be tough. Perhaps your primary school aged child has been stuck at a desk all week. Perhaps YOU need to get a little bit of shopping done. Perhaps you need an afternoon nap after a busy week… 😉

So… to help your child get some wild time into their week, and to give parents some much needed R&R, we’ve got the answer!

This term, and after the epic success of our summer club, we have decided to offer primary school aged children (5-9) the opportunity to let off some steam after a busy week at school, to run wild and feel free! Our Saturday sessions will provide lucky children with an idyllic opportunity to spend their Saturdays in the great outdoors; to explore and enjoy wild adventures, to play, be active, be curious, learn and have fun!

Space for these Saturday sessions are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Why outside?

Whilst the scientific research so far has demonstrated that COVID transmission rates are much lower outside due to normal breezes and air currents, the benefits don’t just stop there. Not only does direct exposure to UV via sunlight help to kill the virus on surfaces more quickly, it is a well-documented fact that children who learn outside are more curious, stimulated, healthy, engaged and active. Research shows that the more time children spend in nature, the better their mental health outcomes, and with the concerns around COVID19, the great outdoors is the safest place to be! Not only is outdoor play central to children’s enjoyment of childhood, it teaches critical life skills, builds confidence and self-esteem as well as enhancing growth and development. Recent studies have even found being outside stimulates learning, improving concentration and cognitive processing and even academic test scores!

So, what are you waiting for?

Running every Saturday (10am-2pm) throughout the school term, WILD WEEKENDS will provide children with active, safe and healthy Saturday sessions in the fresh air and amongst the rustling trees. Children will get the opportunity to try a whole range of fun activities – from slacklining and den building to campfire cooking… but most importantly, they will have time to feel wild and free and to make new friends, safely.

But is it safe?

As always, Little Wild Tribe takes the safety of our children and staff extremely seriously. We have carefully conducted a range of risk assessments as part of a thorough due diligence procedure so that sensible yet comprehensive infection control measures can be put into place to control the risks associated with COVID-19 for both children, parents and staff. A summary of the protective measures we have taken in light of the coronavirus can be found here. We will continue to review the government guidance relating to educational and childcare settings as they are updated to ensure a safe and secure environment for all children, parents and staff.

The risk-free small print

Please note that as part of the safety measures we have put in place, spaces will be limited and on a first-come, first-served basis so book early to avoid disappointment! Please also rest assured that all bookings are risk-free if we are unable to run any Saturday session due to a change of government guidance – a full refund will be applied to any bookings made in these circumstances.

Wild Weekends Information Pack can be found here.